How do mediums receive messages from Spirit?

Spirit communication is like speaking a foreign language. Words might not have a common meaning but images and feelings and emotions are universal. When I communicate with Spirit I receive images, feelings, words in my voice, a knowing. From this it is my job to interpret what Spirit is saying and communicate this to you.

What to expect

How does Spirit communicate?  Spirit does not have a conversation with me.  They do not have voice boxes.  I can see images, symbols and other loved ones in spirit that they show me, sounds, a knowing, a feeling, and words. I hear them "speaking" to me in my thoughts.  

To insure the best reading possible it is important that you leave any preconceived expectations at home.  Your intent should be to hear what Spirit has to say.  You may have a few questions ready to begin with however, Spirit will tell us what they want to tell us and we ultimately are not in control of that.   Also, we cannot control who comes through.  You must come with an open heart and an open mind and when something comes through that you understand, tell me.  Sometimes information will come up that you don't understand in the moment. If this happens, experience says you are likely to find that the most relevant information that you could not place at the time will hit you like a ton of bricks on your way home.  That's ok!  Many times Spirit will ask me to deliver a message to you for you to take to another loved one  still on this side. So always keep in mind there are other people still here that your loved ones will want to acknowledge.

There is no concept of time on the other side like there is here.  What may be 20 years for us is like 2 minutes to them.

Do not be afraid.  There will be no "bad or evil spirits" in our reading.  My training is very specialized and I only call on Sprit of the highest light and love that support your hightest good. 

Communication from the spirit realm has one purpose and that is healing.  Healing for both you and the person in spirit.

What our clients are saying

About 2 months after my grandmother's passing I had a telephone mediumship reading with Jennifer.  I have had other mediumship readings with other mediums before over the last couple of years, though this was my first on over the phone.  I went in not knowing which of my loved ones was going to come through, but I know I was meant to meet with a medium again and I know it was supposed to be Jennifer.  Jennifer was lovely to interact with over the phone and instantly was able to give me validation as to which loved one was communicating with her. The message that my grandmother had for me was nothing like what I expected but everything I needed to hear.  Jennifer delivered the message to me with compassion and heart.  I would highly recommend friends and family to Medium Jennifer Bartrum. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your skills and connecting with my loved one in spirit

JC-Orangeville, ON