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1/2 hour     $25

1 hour        $55

Reduce Pain

Shorten Healing Time

Reduce stress

Experience Well-being

Clear your Mind

Restore Energy and Balance

Healing Attunement


Very powerful at removing negative energies from the body, aura and chakras and empowering goals that you may be having trouble achieving.

Mediumship Reading

1/2 hour   $55.00

1 hour $80.00

Connect with loved ones in spirit

Group and distance readings also available.  Contact me for pricing 

Oracle Card Reading

 1/2 hour $45.00

Find solutions, choose directions, gain understanding of any situation for the highest good of all.

Aura Clearing


Remove negative energy blocks that can cause health problems and other difficulties in life.  Once removed, life energy can return to its normal healthy flow and health can restored

Reiki Training

Contact me for information

What our clients are saying

I have never had a Reiki treatment before and didn't know what to expect. it was very relaxing. I could feel the stress releasing it's grip on my muscles and the heat rising through my body to the weak areas that needed healing. I felt wonderful and I highly recommend it.